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This class,  offered to all string students, provides students with a foundation for playing in a chamber ensemble. Playing chamber music allows more interpretive freedom and enhances musicianship as performers communicate with one another in the absence of a conductor. Students participating in this class perform two recitals during the school year.

String Chamber Music


All students in the orchestra program are double-blocked into at least two orchestra classes,  providing them with attendance in an orchestra class every day. 

Orchestra students also receive instruction in Music Theory, Keyboard, Music History, Recording, and Electronic Music.

Orchestra electives include String Pedagogy and String Chamber Music.

Each year selected junior and senior orchestra students enroll in the String Pedagogy class.  This class provides students the opportunity to learn teaching methods and best practices associated with teaching in a heterogeneous string class. Students in the String Pedagogy class learn to play all of the string instruments.

Throughout the year, the students teach strings through clinical experiences at Pine Forest School of the Arts (elementary) and LaVilla School of the Arts (middle) applying the teaching techniques they have learned.

String Pedagogy