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The DA Orchestra Booster Activities & Volunteer Opportunities

Clean up day in the orchestra room.

Parental Support is an integral and necessary component of the Douglas Anderson Orchestra Booster organization. All parents of students within the DA Orchestra program are members of the Orchestra Boosters.

The Booster Organization provides students and directors with the resources necessary to enhance each student's learning experience.

Parents within the Booster Organization provide chaperones for events; offer, and participate in, fundraising opportunities; organize and hold receptions for events; organize and coordinate events; maintain, order, and distribute uniforms,  and much, much more.

Each arts department within the Douglas Anderson School of the Arts establishes a Fair Share payment fee to help defray costs associated with the activities of their department.

The Douglas Anderson Orchestra Boosters, with the recommendations of the Orchestra Director(s), establishes these fees each year. They can be found in the DA Orchestra Manual.

Application - You must reapply every 2 years

DCPS Chaperone/Volunteer

Chaperoning and Hosting Events